Starting her career in the corporate world, Valerie decided nearly 20 years ago that the only way to have work/life balance and achieve financial abundance was to work for her own success and learn the skills necessary to become an entrepreneur… more

EDUCATE on the importance of hemp for our environment and cannabinoids from hemp for our health;

EMBRACE the hemp plant as a human right;

EMPOWER others with the knowledge and support to build a profitable lifestyle business using hemp-based products in a global economy.

"I have benefited greatly from Valerie's extraordinary mentorship and I'm proud to be working with one of the most recognized women in the network marketing profession." - Deborah M.

"Valerie's ability to guide others from where they are to where they want to be is a crafted skill."  - Karen B. 

"I love Valerie's authenticity and passion in helping her team reach their goals and dreams with grace and ease." - Deborah M.

"Valerie's commitment to the success of others is her greatest attribute as a leader in this industry..." Susan G.

"Balance is the key to life. Valerie Aloisio lives a balanced lifestyle as she displays a tenacious and relentless work ethic yet celebrities and enjoys life in a way most only dream of." - Karen B

"I have personally watched Valerie's growth over several decades and it has been great to currently work along side her in Kannaway." -  Roger B.

"Valerie is living the abundant lifestyle she was born to live, always looking to guide others along the same path. Bless you Valerie for your unending leadership!" - Karen B.

"Because of Valerie's direction and commitment, I was able to have financial results quickly and sustainably in a very short period of time." - Deborah M.